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About us

Klax Entertainment Private Limited's main objective is to act as a mediator & booking agency for global talent.


KLAX is a team of dedicated professionals who have a dream of achieving the impossible and turning it into a realistic and practical venture. We have already established ourselves in the Indian & Overseas market as Klax Entertainment Private Limited, having a very successful track record of handling Events, Artist/Celebrity/Model Management, Production, Corporate Promotions, Product Launches, Elite Parties, Road Shows and the Glamour Industry. Our diverse and unique abilities combined with our individual knowledge transform us into a very capable team. Our knowledge base spans from Advertising and Marketing to Corporate Management and Public-Relations. We have with us dynamic and upcoming talent which when fused with creativity “An inherent quality of our team” makes us a very potential force.

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• Model Management

• Brand Management/Promotion

• Conceptualising & Execution

International Locations & Productions

• Campaigns/Catalogues/TVCs/Fashion Videos

• International Bands/DJs/Artists/Celebrities

• Event Management

• Indian Classical Performers

• Set-Designing & Production

• Fashion Events

• Corporate Services

• Celebrity Sports

• Spectacular Laser Shows

• Global Variety Performers


Mumbai, INDIA (2001)

Sao Paulo, BRAZIL (2012) /

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